Our Story

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We'd like to thank the Swift Fly Fishing Comany for letting us use their imagery in this demo store. Here's a bit about them in their own words:

The company is owned and run by Carl McNeil and Jeanie Ackley, the filmmaking couple that produced award winning films such as Once in a Blue MoonCasts that Catch Fish and Itus Bones. They've been adventuring, diving, hiking and fishing for a while now, more than 30 years in-fact.  From Antarctica to Key West, the Aleutian Islands to the Cook Islands and most places in-between. During their travels they've come to learn and appreciate the value of top quality gear - and that's what they produce and sell. They've taken this experience and sourced or developed the absolute best products in their class. Teaming up with some very clever engineers, designers and manufacturers to do so.